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Obi-Wan Cannoli by BookWurm15 Obi-Wan Cannoli :iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 34 9
When I Look At Great Authors
i look at my work
and ask myself
"why are you even continuing?"
"you won't be like them:
with a fandom
and otps out the wazoo.
you won't be in print
you won't have devoted followers."
and i look at my work with tears in my eyes.
don't worry
i say.
i'm proud of you anyway.
my mind just shouldn't compare
but it does anyway
so i'm sorry
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 2 9
'It's going to be okay.' by BookWurm15 'It's going to be okay.' :iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 1 2 'Mutt.' 'Stoner.' by BookWurm15 'Mutt.' 'Stoner.' :iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 0 0
To Those Who Wait (9/9)
It wasn't long after that that Avelina began to sleep through the night without waking up screaming. I was always there to hold her when she broke down sobbing, and always there to make her smile. Always there to tell her it would be alright. There as her hair returned to its original brown, there when we reassured Abrahil that she was alright.
I could count the minutes on two hands or less when our hands were not entwined.
It was the happiest I'd been in years. I could finally fulfill that last promise to her; that I'd hold her forever. I'd die before I broke that vow.
"Eli," she whispered to me one night as her head nodded onto my chest. "Thank God I have you."
I held her and rubbed her shoulder as she drifted to sleep. "What a coincidence," I whispered. "I thank God for having you."
She smiled, and looked up at me with those knowing, light blue eyes. Her arm tightened around my waist in one pulse before she let out a soft yawn and snuggled against me in sleep.
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 0 0
To Those Who Wait (8/9)
I was laying on something soft. Odd. Aleron was never this nice. I felt no shackles on my wrists. Another oddity.
I stretched my hands out to the sides, and found more plushness, and a pillow beneath my head. There was something on top of me- a blanket.
But the cell was still dark.
I sat up and looked around. Something moving dragged my sensitive eyes to the right. Curtains. Curtains, blowing in a breeze. A slight glimmer of light shone in through a window. A window? There was no window in my cell. I had looked. Even when I was sure there was none, I still looked.
Where was I?
My eyes adjusted gradually to the tiny light. It fell on a dresser in the corner, a closet door. A vase of flowers. No, it was no cell of Aleron's.
My mind picked up a presence. Familiar… but I couldn't place the name. I couldn't place anything anymore. Voices filled my head one moment, but then were gone. I could remember nothing, yet I knew I knew everything that had happened to me. I
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 0 0
To Those Who Wait (7/9)
Sometime in the 2000s

"Ow!" I hissed as Lee Haller wrapped a bandage around my arm. "Easy, sport! Not so tight!"
Lee pursed his lips. "Sorry, gramps," he shrugged. "I have to keep the pressure on it." He was silent for a little bit. "You know, you didn't have to join this war. It was our fight, not yours."
I rolled my shoulders. "Nah, I had to. Especially after what you said they did to your son. I liked that kid."
Lee tensed, and his brown eyes were cast to the floor.
"I'm sorry I brought that up," I mumbled. His son was a touchy subject; it had been for the past seven years.
"It's alright," he murmured and backed up a little. "You're all patched up."
I put a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, kiddo."
"Uh-huh. I'm going to… I'm going to go check on Alyssa." He bit his lip and got up.
"I'm sorry, Lee." I covered my mouth with my hand. "I didn't mean to… I didn't…"
"I know." He flashed a small, faked smile. "It's my issue, not yours."
"But I shouldn't have-"
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 0 0
To Those Who Wait (6/9)

"…It's a-alright. I-I'm not going to h-hurt you."
It was the little voice that woke me up. It threatened no pain, no wounds, no nothing. It was a baby's voice; maybe not an actual infant, but a little one.
My eyes adjusted badly to the darkness, I was no Abrahil or any other Specter, but I saw a faint light outside the bars of my cell. The outline of a little boy was sitting, cross-legged, in front of the bars. His hands were over his ears. Why?
"H-Hello?" my voice came in a croak.
He dropped his hands from his ears and wrapped his arms around his knees. "Thank you for stopping," he mumbled.
"Stopping? Stopping what?" Just the effort of speaking drained me.
"Screaming. You were screaming. Loud."
"W-what year is it?" I breathed.
He paused. "I… I don't know. Last I knew, it was eighteen-ninety-six. But I don't know."
Eighteen-ninety-six? I froze. The last year I remembered… It was eighteen-forty-seven, then Aleron had thrown me
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 0 0
To Those Who Wait (5/9)

It was hot.
That was all I could fathom as I traipsed through the forest. It was familiar, yet monotonous. You've seen one forest, and you've seen them all.
I questioned myself again; why, in the middle of July, was I taking a hike to Crévoux, France? I couldn't say the reason.
I had assured myself it would be cooler in the mountains, but I hadn't taken the proximity to the equator into account. It was cooler up north, but Southern France was brutal. Wait until you get to the mountains, Eli, I told myself. It will be worth it.
The train had taken me to Digne. From there, I walked. And ran. And when I tired of running a horse's pace, I walked again.
The forest was nice, I supposed. Unchanged from my last visit. Since I had left- I didn't even know how long ago it had been- I had been all over the world. I had met so many people, so many wizards. Our lines had spread. I had met hundreds of thousands, not even exaggerating, who shared qualities of
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 1 0
To Those Who Wait (4/9)
"Avelina?" a soft voice whispered.
I picked my head up and saw a boy by the window.
"Eli!" I breathed, and leaped up to greet him. I buried my face in his chest and sobbed. "Oh, Eli, I am so sorry!"
"Sh," he murmured, holding me close. His mind was numb. "It isn't your fault."
"It is!" I cried. We stayed in silence for the longest time. "I love you," I finally sniffled.
"I love you too," he sighed. "But it's killing us both."
I shook my head quickly, and kissed his lips, softly at first, but then a little harder as I held him closer.
Eli kissed me back, as usual, but this time there was a desperateness that killed me inside. His kisses, normally soft and gentle, were now laden with a hopeless passion that threatened to consume us both. There were tears on his cheeks.
"A-Avelina," he mumbled. "We can't do this anym-"
I silenced him, sliding my hands under the back of his torn shirt. I traced his back, and slowly stepped backwards, pulling him with me. The backs of my legs brushed up aga
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 1 0
To Those Who Wait (3/9)
Terror wracked my body as I backed against a tree. The bear was huge, cumbersome, menacing, with claws ready to kill. He reared his bulky head and swung at me again. I could not do anything but let out another scream.
Eli! my mind sobbed. I wished he was there. He would protect me, I knew.
I tripped on a root and toppled to the floor. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I tried to scramble backward, but the bear came after me. He growled and raised a paw to strike-
A caterwauling howl echoed in the trees. A giant brown wolf rammed into the bear with its head, snapping at it with teeth bright as stars. I curled into a ball while the bear was distracted.
One of them is going to eat me! I thought miserably and began praying to God.
The wolf snarled and bared his teeth, blade-sharp. He seemed to puff out threateningly, and growled something to the bear. The bear lunged, and the wolf sidestepped easily. He shook his pelt and leaped onto the bear, biting it and claw
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 1 0
To Those Who Wait (2/9)
It was the longest I had ever stayed in one place. Every night for many months (I cannot even estimate how long exactly), I would wait on that cliff's edge until about dusk. She would come and tap me on the shoulder, smiling at me while her light blue eyes shined. More beautiful than the sunset, I would think. More beautiful than the moon.
And she cared.
Avelina saw me as a person. Not a beast, not an animal, not an unnatural freak. She cared about me.
"Hello," she whispered and sat down on the edge with me. She put her slender hand on my chest. "How is my heart? Are you taking care of it?" she teased.
I put my hand over hers and held it tightly. She rested her head on my shoulder and kissed the side of my neck, sending shivers down my spine.
God, I loved her.
I rested my lips on the top of her head, and she turned to look up at me. Our gazes met for a second before our lips did. She flung her arms around my neck, and my arms wound around her waist.
"E-Eli," she whisp
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 1 0
To Those Who Wait (1/9)
I took a deep breath and made my way up toward the lookout point. It was surrounded by forest, and my dress dragged in the dirt, but I kept going forward. There was someone I needed to speak with. I hoped he would still be there; deep down, I knew he still was. My premonitions had never been wrong before.
Sure enough, he sat at the end of the ledge, bare feet swinging back and forth. His pants were torn just below his knees, and the sleeves of a once-elegant shirt of forest green were ripped away. I saw his skin was weather-beaten, tanned, so unlike his heritage. Parnell's red-brown hair shone in waves on his head. It fell to the middle of his neck.
"I knew I would find you here," I commented, crossing my arms over my stomach.
His legs stopped kicking and his arms tensed. "Of course you did."
"It is good to see you again."
He let out a humph, and nodded his head.
"Eli-" I began.
"Don't 'Eli…' me," he growled.
"Then what shall I call you?"
"Eli, I a
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 4 2
The Korra Krew by BookWurm15 The Korra Krew :iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 137 39
Take It
The light was blinding.
Mako squinted as he was shoved into the room. I hate chi-blockers. The skin on his wrists was rubbed raw from the metal cuffs. They cut into him and blocked his bending. He didn't even want to know how they'd managed that.
"Well, I recognize you." The voice was low and smooth. Amon stood high on a platform with his arms over his chest. "You're a friend of that worthless Avatar's."
"Korra's not worthless," he raised an eyebrow and paced around on the floor. He wondered why the chi-blockers were leaving him alone. "She may be a hothead, but she's not worthless."
Amon shrugged. "Would you mind telling me where she might be?"
"How should I know?"
"Mako!" a voice shouted. He froze.
"Bolin?" he whispered. "Bo?"
"Mako, help me!" Bolin wailed. He was strapped against a wall behind Amon, hands next to his head. He struggled to free himself, but to no avail.
"I'm coming, Bolin!" Mako strained against his shackles and fell to his knees. "Just hang on!" He
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 50 58
Be Safe
Equalists ran amok in the streets, chasing innocent people, innocent benders.
Mako ducked as a rock flew next to his head. "Please! Don't!" someone shrieked, and broke off. A giant stream of electricity surged up into the sky. He shuddered, and kept walking at his pace, pulling his cap lower over his face. He couldn't let the chi-blockers catch him; he'd had enough electrocutions for one lifetime.
Mako, please, just stay here, Bolin had frowned, chewing on his bottom lip. It's scary out there.
He couldn't listen. He had someone to find.
The factory had been overrun by Equalists, the Satomobiles flipped onto their sides. It hurt Mako to see it; Hiroshi Sato's prides and joys, all tossed like scrap metal. He had to leave when it was evident that the Satos had fled the premises.
He subconsciously slid his hand into his shirt, touching the fabric of his scarf with one finger. He couldn't risk anyone seeing it, they'd surely recognize him.
Mako was about to call it quits and r
:iconbookwurm15:BookWurm15 50 37

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So I'm putting a bunch of my deviations into storage because I'm past that stage in my life. *shrug* I'm not on here often, and when I am, I don't want to feel like I'm still in my weaboo phase. Eso si que es, but it's time to move on.


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